Thursday, May 13, 2010

In the Blogosphere (from Emily)

 First up, here's a post from the archives of Womanist Musings that discusses how McDonald's has produced a creepily sexualized female version of Ronald McDonald. Anyone else sick of women being equated with sexuality, and men being equated with libido?

Next, here's a more recent post from Womanist Musings that discusses the moral ramifications of Lawrence Taylor sleeping with an underage woman who had been coerced into prostitution. He's defending himself by saying, "well, I asked how old she was, and she said 19," a story that is backed by the victim. The problem? She supposedly looks a whole lot younger, and she had obviously been abused before showing up in his hotel room. Is it reasonable for Johns to excuse themselves for sleeping with underage prostitutes by saying "I didn't know," when that loophole is the very thing pimps depend upon when they forbid the underage prostitutes to tell their true ages? I like this post because it discusses how wrong it is for people to discuss prostitution in terms of the women involved in it, when most research reveals that the women involved in prostitution are usually victims who didn't really choose to enter this line of work. Johns and pimps are far more accountable for that institution than the prostitutes.

And last up, here's a post that Jon (if you're following the blog, you've probably read some of his comments) wrote about what it means to be a man. He gets into some interesting questions.

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