Wednesday, June 10, 2009

From Erica: Ground norms

Traditionally, in feminist literature, these posts and discussions would begin with an identification of my various subject positions- am I a woman, man, transfolk, or somewhere beyond the categories? Am I Latina, African-American, Chinese-American, Cherokee, or something else? How able is my body? To what extent have I been indoctrinated by the formal education system?

Rather than answer these (and other) questions in the first post, I'd rather bring them into this blog as they become immediately relevant. I write with my particular identity in mind, and with intent to make it clear to the reader, but in my own time (and in the time of others who start contributing). I believe that identity politics are important- who we are shapes our worldviews- but they don't determine everything. Knowing the categories in which I place myself risks having readers decide beforehand how to interpret me- without ever hearing what I have to say. Therefore, this will be an experiment in both reader interpretation and self-identification.

And yes, you will find out more.


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