Tuesday, August 25, 2009

From Erica: one more news item

This image didn't make it onto my radar earlier today, but my partner pointed it out to me and I couldn't resist posting it here. There's no background story for it yet- whether it was photoshopped in one direction or the other- but what appears to have happened is that the original ad for the US was altered for the ad to be used in Poland. I'm not sure what to say, except that it's embarrassing beyond all reason that this happened in any capacity.

Edit one day later: the original link is broken, as the company apparently changed its mind about the image. My partner saved it before it went down, though, so I've changed the link to be to the saved version. Trust me, that's what the original looked like.


  1. The link to the image doesn't seem to be working.

  2. Good thing my partner right-click-saved it before it got taken down! Here it is, reposted for your eyes: http://chemiserouge.bounceme.net/mspoland.jpg

    (I've also changed the link in the original post to work as well.)