Thursday, October 1, 2009

From Erica: Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2009

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the kickoff of Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2009 at Not Another Wave! We've got quite a month planned out for you here, all around the theme of domestic abuse and what you can do to help prevent and end it.

First, on every Monday, we will have a huge post on a special topic for the week. We'll be covering things like what domestic abuse is and isn't, who can be affected by it, what some of the legal opportunities and barriers are for people who are experiencing abuse, and, of course, what are the ways each of us can support the victims and survivors we know.

Then, throughout the weeks, we'll have a variety of posts related to the topic discussed on Monday. There will be stories about personal experience, stories about advocacy, and stories about change. Some of these will be from the authors of Not Another Wave, and some will be reader submissions.

In the meantime, we encourage you to check out a few websites and start thinking about what kind of a difference YOU can make in the weeks to come. We suggest looking at The Domestic Violence Awareness Project being put on by the National Resource Centre on Domestic Violence, or if you want some more background information, check out the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

We're looking forward to this month, and we hope you are too. And remember, if you have any experiences you want to share, please read our post on submissions and your privacy and email us your stories!

See you on Monday,
Not Another Wave

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