Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Speaking of Blaming the Victim (from Emily)

Read over the loaded diction in this article about a 30-year-old man who raped a girl from the time she was 12, till the time she was 13. Then read over the comments (if your stomach can handle them), and note how many commentators are calling for the 13-year-old girl's head, and how many go so far as to defend her rapist. For more about this article, read this post on I Blame the Patriarchy.

And, also from I Blame The Patriarchy, here's the article Lara mentioned, which offers a new "how to prevent sexual assault" forward.

If you have a really strong stomach, read I Blame The Patriarchy's category of posts on rape culture. Pretty disturbing, huh?

1 comment:

  1. Why is it not abundantly clear to the commenters that sticking a pencil up your vagina can only be a result of being either forced to do so or being *scared out of your mind*? Thanks for the post, Emily.