Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Religious Tolerance: September's (Belated) Theme of the Month

This is a theme that deserves more than half a month, so we will either extend it into October or revisit it in the future. But in light of the recent controversy (some would say "controversy" is just a euphemism for "Islamophobia") over the planned Islamic Cultural Center/ Mosque, we at NAW think it's time to discuss religious tolerance.

Your posts can address this theme in many different ways. Perhaps you have a personal story about how religion has played a positive role in your life, or a survivor story about facing religious persecution, or even a story about  spending time amongst a religious group not your own (cough cough Carl). Or maybe you have strong opinions about how we can show religious tolerance for one group without impinging upon the rights of those who belong to other religious groups. Or maybe you want to look at the role gender plays in religion.

The sky isn't even halfway to the limit on this one.

So, who wants to guest post on this topic?


  1. Me. I'll guest post. I did live in the Middle East for 8+ years, after all.

  2. Beth, I just now noticed this comment - you are very, very welcome to guest post! Just email it to the notanotherwave email address, or ask Carl for my personal email address.