Thursday, January 27, 2011

Disclaimer: NAW Writers Don't Always Agree

Some issues carry enough weight that it's important to us as individuals to make it clear where we stand. Erica's recent post, Porn, Porn, Porn, addresses just one such issue.  Erica's post lays out her views in a nuanced and interesting way, providing a great deal of solid evidence behind her arguments. However, it should be clear to all readers that other contributors may not support such a positive view of pornography. I, for instance, take a particularly anti-pornography stance that will be hashed out in a later post.

It is important to us at NAW that all views be respected and discussed. If you disagree with something we say, please feel free to take a leaf out of our book and either write a guest post or a thoughtful comment. Controversial issues are worth discussing, which is why we at NAW are always willing to share views that other contributors may disagree with.

My post on pornography will be forthcoming in the next couple weeks (a post as thoughtful and as well-supported as Erica's merits an equally well-supported and well-thought response). In the mean-time, please read Erica's post and enter into the debate. Let us know your thoughts on pornography.

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