Friday, February 18, 2011

In the Blogosphere

First up, a nod to our friends at Go Girl Travel, especially Allie, who wrote a particularly insightful article on the way Korean women face pressure to look white.

And then there's a really infuriating Huffpo article that Womanist Musings has brought to our attention. In the original article, Tracy McMillan, a writer for Mad Men and a woman who gives people with hair like mine an unfortunately bad name, explains to single women in the US why they aren't married. The gist? Everything is wrong with you. Except, unlike a really delightful book my roommates and I are hooked on, McMillan is serious. She explains that most single women are shallow, mean, arrogant, picky, and/or teenage girls. The message is clear: if a woman isn't interested in a man, something's wrong with her. If he isn't interested in her, however - oh, that's right. Something must be wrong with her. As you could probably predict, and as the comments reveal, most of the people tweeting and praising the article are bitter men.

On a more upbeat note, Joe at Joe.My.God points out that facebook now offers more inclusive (and specific) relationship descriptions.  I knew something was up when friends started listing that they're in domestic partnerships. Whether you're entirely happy about someone's life choices or not, I think it's a nice gesture to at least acknowledge the relationships they're in.

And then there's an article titled, scandalously enough, "About a Boob or the Heremeutics of a Woman's Body," which tells the story of an author who decided to feature full frontal nudity on the cover of her book - and the controversy that she subsequently entered.

You'll find more links pertinent to feminism, posted on Racialicious. And then, if you like to laugh, here's a video from Jon Stewart that puts a humourous twist on legislative efforts to redefine rape in order to restrict abortion options:

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