Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Recent Links of Note: Roseanne Barr, Courting Feminists, Pro-Life Complications, and Discriminatory Legislation

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Feministe has an article they're calling The Best Thing You Will Read Today, which quotes a New York Magazine article where Roseanne Barr describes her experience working on the Roseanne show as sexist, classist, and degrading. She  also says Roseanne is even more ahead of the times today, when TV shows like Two and a Half Men are written around characters and actors known as abusive, womanizing johns. If you want to go directly to Roseanne Barr's article, click here. The article is refreshingly down to Earth. Interesting fact: Roseanne Barr is actually from Utah, and when Michael Moore spoke at UVU back in 2004, she was a guest speaker.

We have another scintillating article from Feminist Mormon Housewives about mating rituals and Mormon feminists. The main question this post raises is what courting rituals Mormon feminists pursue / prefer, and to what degree we do (and should?) compromise our values where dating is concerned. All the comments are interesting, but I found this list of advice for those hoping to court feminists particularly illuminating.

Womanist Musings has an article that complicates the way we discuss abortion. I will warn you that the author overgeneralizes his opponents and makes unfair assumptions about how pro-lifers treat children. However, he points out some really tragic contradictions that are all too common among those of us in the US, contradictions that are especially problematic (and in some cases more common) in the pro-life movement.

For more recent links of note, please see Racialicious. Among the links they provide you'll find an article about a federal mandate that school officials not check immigration status of students applying for enrollment, an article about a wounded service man who worries that he only received so much notice because he's white,  and an article arguing that recent legislation in South Carolina will disenfranchise nearly 180,000 voters.

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