Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Glimmer of Hope


Image courtesy of Micky's Photostream

I'm still pretty horrified by the creepy, creepy blog that feminist Mormon housewives revealed a few days ago, but I believe in putting the horror behind me, so I've moved on. Monsieur Le Creep will get no new traffic from me! Still, the discussion has continued at fMh, via their comment section, and wow - has it ever become personal! First someone outed the misogynistic blogger as none other than Tanner Guzy, then people who know him and his survivor ex-wife started chiming in. Turns out he didn't leave his wife after she refused to submit and then later meet a new victim wife - no, he cheated on the poor woman he was married to, with the woman he is currently married to. His first wife forgave him and believed him when he told her the affair was her fault and did everything in her power to fix things. But he left her, which to him was evidence that she was in the wrong - he actually bragged on his blog about how he'd been the one who was wronged enough to leave. And his creepy little following of Game believers (the capitalization is his) all comforted him and told him it wasn't his fault that his first wife hadn't submitted. (Ironically, she says she submitted quite a bit and gave in on everything. I'm prone to believe her, given the abuse victim 101 rhetoric she was using when he first left her).

Where is the glimmer of hope in all this? Well, as much as it bothers me that this man hasn't been ex-communicated, he admitted that he faced disciplinary actions for his "mistakes," so that's something at least. And apparently he got into big trouble for refusing to follow through on the divorce agreements and was even found in contempt of court. But that's not even the best part. No, the best part is that someone at fMh shared the link to his ex-wife's blog, and not only is she amazing, but if you read her oldest post and then compare it to a more recent one, you can see the amazing journey this woman made, recovering from this man's verbal and emotional abuse. At first she blamed herself and wanted him back, but in the end she recognized that she was not responsible for his actions and that she is fortunate to be free of him. So yes, there is some hope.

Still, I'm disturbed by how many of the things that this man says sound similar to things I hear from people who aren't cheating liars. Things like, men are more logical than women, and women like a man who leads them, not to mention all his theories on manipulating people.


  1. I'm so glad that you posted this--it's wonderful to hear that his first wife was able to leave behind his abuse. Did you know that because of all the traffic his website got from FMH that he had to make both his blogs private? At least now he can't spread his abusive crap to the world.

  2. Rachel, I heard about the private blogs. I'm relieved, because it cancels out the extra traffic fMh brought to him and prevents him from trying to publicly represent the church while he spouts false doctrine. I too am so happy that his ex-wife recovered!

  3. Ever wonder what Warren Jeffs looked like at 26? Wonder no more.

    I'm so glad the darkness and evil of his blogs have been hidden from the world. His parents must be so embarrassed.

  4. Salt, I just hope his parents are concerned by his views and that they don't support his beliefs.

    Reminds me of one time, my freshman year at college, when a guy at school wrote an incredibly sexist and insulting letter to the editor of the school magazine. My roommate looked up his home address in the directory and mailed a copy of the paper to his mother. I kid you not!