Thursday, November 10, 2011

New to the Blogroll: Spark in Darkness

If you read NAW regularly, you've probably noticed the nifty little gadget to the right of the screen, "Blogs We Follow." You've also probably noticed how FeminAwsome (cheesy, I know) each of those blogs is. From Racialicious, where there is always something interesting (related to race and gender) going on in pop culture, to Feminist Mormon Housewives, where you get a very unusual feminist perspective, to the radical feminist Twisty at I Blame the Patriarchy, they're all pretty spectacular.

But did you notice our newest addition? Spark in Darkness brings a perspective that can make you laugh with one word and cry with the next. That's right, Sparky is writing from the UK. Sparky is also a gay man who is in a committed relationship with a partner he refers to as Beloved, and I've long been a fan of his guest posts on Womanist Musings. So now Sparky is joining the list of blogs we follow, where we can read about Beloved's wrong opinions about food, their cat's shameful tendency to be chased by birds, and news that has Sparky annoyed.

So if you haven't checked out our wonderful "Blogs We Follow" gadget, please do!

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