Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Links of Note

Dear Reader, if this page contains nothing but links, I am probably traveling and far too frantic to get onto blogger. Hope you enjoy the links.

From Spark in Darkness, we have an article about new anti-gay legislation in England, which is eerily similar to old legislation, right down to the name.

From feministe, we have an article about teenagers and the crazy myths about that that turn out to be false.

From Feminist Mormon Housewives, here's an article about Girl Power and Interfaith Friendship (and Prayer).

From Racialicious, we have an article about comics, and how the author had to choose between comics that represent either race or gender.

From Feminist Mormon Housewives, we've also got an article with various links to Mormons in the news. Don't worry, they're not all about Romney and Hunstman.

Then from Jezebel, a really disturbing read: turns out a lot of "sexy magazines" are as mysogynistic as rapists (if not more so). I'd like to know more about how this study was conducted before I try to generalize anything, but either way, the article carries some pretty disturbing implications about the way we view sexuality and violence against women.

Then, we've got some research which compares before and after photoshops and reveals just how fake almost all images of people truly are. Feministe has an interesting discussion about this research.

And, if you're still with me, our good friend Carl the Open-minded Chauvinist (aka Carl the OMC) recently put up a post about modesty, a discussion spurred in large part by some silly, power-hungry ass student employee who found a curvy but properly attired (according to her university's policy) girl attractive and decided to project his guilt onto her by denying her entrance to the testing facility. Ok, so I'm reading between the lines here, but I'm pretty sure the writing between the lines is in flashing, fluorescent lights.

Also, if you go to Carl the OMC's article and scroll down to the post below, you can find me engaged in a debate with him about whether or not the disjunction between his beliefs about women and modesty and his endorsement of the book covers in the post is evidence of The Patriarchy rearing its oh-so-ugly head (remember, LDS readers, I'm talking about a fallen patriarchy in this context).

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