Monday, March 19, 2012

Question of the Week: What Are You Listening To?

Folks, tomorrow I leave for a busy trip to an academic conference, including two campus visits at universities where I will potentially be in a PhD program next year. And as I hurry to prepare everything for my 8-day absence, and as I increasingly feel angry and shocked by the surreal legislation and government policies that are honest-to-goodness taking place in my country - well, in the midst of all that, I think it's time for some links and videos. So, what music are you listening to? Something that provides a pithy or insightful commentary on gender? Something that's merely fluffy and enjoyable? Either way, share some links!

I, for one, have recently fallen in love with Pink Martini, and this song is fitting for my frustration with the current state of US politics:

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  1. I think you can guess what I am listening to...or at least what language. I decided to post this because (a) it's chill (b) he's a Korean-American singer (he was on American Idol a while back) who didn't make it big here - he went to Korea and now his debut album is selling like crazy. So it's not gender - but it'a race thing. But really I am posting it because it's chill and a sweet MV: