Saturday, February 13, 2010

Men Don't Get to Represent Humanity Anymore? (from Emily)

Here is a revealing clip from the Colbert Report. Colbert's guest, a former curator for art museums such as the Boston MFA, laments the decline in olympic art that celebrates the human as an individual. While there is some truth to his argument that today's posters seem more corporate than human, note how readily he assumes that male figures represent all of humanity. He's willing to contemplate the homoerotic implications of Nazi Olympic art, but even then he doesn't mention that more than half the world's population is left out of the equation by virtue of being women. Note also, how Colbert fails to draw this oversight to his guest's attention. It would have been easy to do, and it would have made for good comedy too, so I can only imagine that Colbert and his writers didn't notice the oversight.

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