Thursday, February 4, 2010

Men: The Ultimate Minority?

from Emily

I came across this delightful (but crude - be forewarned) segment on the Daily Show last night:
Samantha Bee sheds light on the difficulties of being a man in America. Airdate - 02/03/2010

Now, obviously the Daily Show interviewed some narrow-minded idiots, which makes for fantastic comedy when we watch their own words disprove them. Take, for instance, the man who insisted that when pharmaceutical-running men hire attractive female sales people, in order to appeal to a predominantly male doctor clientele, this is somehow a sign of women oppressing men. Or the film bit where a group of men tossed a ball back and forth, complaining about their wives. They look stupid, so we laugh. But an increasing number of white, middle-class men are voicing these complaints. Just look at the first few comments on the Daily Show video, or this recent article a friend sent my way:

So, I have a few questions:

1 - Why do so many men feel this way?

2 - How much validity is there to their claims?

3 - Why do they blame sexism against men on feminists, when feminists are some of the biggest advocates for de-stereotyping men?

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  1. See also the car commercial from the Superbowl - Man's Last Stand