Thursday, March 18, 2010

The History of White People

Here is a clip from last night's episode of the Colbert Report. Colbert's guest, Nell Irvin Painter is the author of The History of White People. They don't get as deep into the issues surrounding our constructions of race as I would have liked, but the interview has me as intrigued as I am amused. So, enjoy:

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Nell Irvin Painter
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PS - this is also for Erica, who will remember well our many arguments over whether or not my ancestors had oppressed her ancestors. And then we discovered that we both had Catholic ancestors, which changed everything.


  1. Am I not white? I ask because I really do not enjoy Jimmy Buffet...AT ALL.

  2. I think that's exactly the point- the way we generalize racial histories to the point where they actually represent very few people.