Sunday, March 7, 2010

More in the Blogosphere (from Emily)

From Joe.My.God, let's look at a response Sindead O'Connor wrote in response to the Catholic church asking parishioners to donate money toward the cost of some settlements paid for pedopheliac-priest cases. I'm including this post because it raises interesting questions about the role churches play in a world that is driven by economics. Churches are nonprofit organizations, supported by charitable donations. When someone sues a church (however justifiably), the money that goes toward that lawsuit all comes from parishioners. This system of money-flow suggests that parishioners are somehow responsible for the actions of the church. So... who is really responsible for the actions of such an organization?

I also want to draw your attention to a recent post about evolutionism and creationism, from Carl The Open Minded Chauvinist, on his blog, I Feel Like Schrodinger's Cat. What does this have to do with gender? Well, how we view the origins of humanity tends to impact how we view gender differences.

Also take the time to check out the Profile of a College Rapist at According to this post, suprising numbers of men admit to forcing someone to have sex against their will, and yet often do not define what they have done as rape. I think this research bears looking into, since a lot of disturbing myths about rape spread doubt in the minds of those whom victims approach for help after being raped.

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