Thursday, December 23, 2010

One Spunky Bloggess + 400 donors + 600 recipients = Christmas Miracle

Earlier today, one of my friends posted a link to this article about an unexpected Christmas miracle. Basically, Jenny (a bloggess), earned $600 on Christmas cards of her boar head. Rather than spend that money on herself, she decided to donate it to others by offering a $30 gift card to each of the first 20 people to let her know that they didn't have Christmas presents for their kids.

When more than 20 people commented, someone left a comment offering a gift card to person #21, and then more people began jumping in and offering to help. When others began reading the article I linked above, more and more people jumped in and offered to help, inspiring this follow-up post from Jenny, in which she linked this interview that put her on TV in Canada.

If you still want to help, there is still time. The recipients may not receive their gifts by Christmas, but won't their kids be way more excited to find out that Santa is still on his way with some gifts he's finishing, than they would be if their parents had to tell them they won't have any presents at all?

I'll admit, I was cynical enough to worry that people might be lying, but a - I'd rather give $30 to someone who doesn't need it than take the risk of not giving $30 to someone who does. And b - when I looked up the lady I wanted to help out, I found a Myspace account (from 3 years ago, based on the ages she listed when she mentioned her kids) that matched her story and left me feeling a lot more urgent about helping out her and her five kids. 

Girl power. It's pretty much just plain awesome.

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