Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Violated by the TSA

I have about 10 minutes (okay, 5) before my flight supposedly starts boarding, so I'm gonna have to be quick.

Long story short, I just had my first experience with the TSA naked-picture machines. Frankly, I couldn't care less if someone has a picture of the contours of my body. It's not a real naked photo, and even if it were - well, I don't care. I mean, I wouldn't deliberately put something like this out there, but if it happens, meh.

As long as I don't have to be felt up.

So when the TSA agents told me to step into the big scanner thing-a-ma-jig and stand with my feet on the yellow footprints, I went along with it. When my legs were spread ridiculously wide, I began to feel a little uncomfortable - I mean, just how detailed are these photos going to be? Then they told me to hold my arms in the position of the drawing in front of me, which turned out to be - Oh, of course, the position a person stands in while being arrested. Of course. I committed a very suspicious act by once again purchasing a ticket to go home for the holidays.

Then part of the machine swooshed in front of me, and I was asked to stand on one of the mats waiting outside the machine, until a TSA agent said, "A female. Copy," into a radio, and then,  "Have a good flight," to me.

And I walked away, thinking:

a - Was that necessary?

b - I hope I don't get cancer from this.

And my flight is about to board.


  1. I wonder what they're going to do when they get genderqueer, genderfucking, and/or transfolk in there, especially if they don't want to be outed. That's going to be a pretty violating experience.

  2. I am honestly debating opting for the pat-down and telling the male-agent that I am gay.

  3. I actually feel really bad for the TSA agents. They're getting tons of flack, but it's not like its *their* policy.

  4. Or rather, it's not like the agents we interact with in the airport came up with it. None of us know the individual who designed the policy so s/he is shielded from censure, while the lowly people who'll be fired if they don't go along get all the flack.