Monday, April 9, 2012

It Gets Better at Brigham Young University

This perspective needs to be heard.

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  1. Just wanted to leave a comment. I too am a blogger and comments are few and far between, especially when a blog demonstrates throughout provoking intelligence, mixed with religious beliefs. Toss in feminism and many individuals on the religious right begin to mentally shut down, refusing to discuss any issue without sounding like a Sunday School lesson. This blog is different. You are able to mix these themes into an intelligent critique of the world and its ass-backward-ness. As a former Mormon, now self-identified bisexual woman in grad school, I found this video fascinating and surprising. Most recently with Prop 8 in California, the homophobia in the LDS church rose to new heights. Having supportive and loving family members who see past the rhetoric of this issue, it is wonderful to see others also condemning the silencing and imposed invisibility of the LGBT community. We all need to take steps in the direction of providing people the space to live as they see fit; lives that encourage happiness and joy for everyone. Keep writing and thanks for sharing the video!