Friday, April 20, 2012

Misogyny on The Daily Show: Did This Sketch Cross the Line?

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The Women's Vote
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When I first viewed the above Daily Show sketch, I had mixed feelings: like the women in the interview, I recognize the point Jason Jones was trying to prove, and I get that it was funny to see such an exaggerated version of the womanless-conversations-about-women we've been seeing in politics lately. But like those women in the interview, I also wonder if he went too far by never really giving them a chance to speak. Especially in light of The Daily Show's history of under-representing women, maybe it was in poor taste.

What do you think? Was it a genuinely funny sketch that proved a political point, or did it reinforce what it claimed to critique?


  1. I think it definitely did both. IMO, to avoid reinforcing the problem it's satirizing, they could have invited one or two of those women onto the show and had Jon Stewart interview them in the studio. Or at least had some video clips featuring them, on the Daily Show website, and after the sketch they could have encouraged people to go to the website and view the clips.

  2. I thought this sketch achieved its goal of highlighting the sexism that has pervaded many of this year's political discussons

    Now if only they could get John Stewart to stop referring to everyone he dislikes (most of whom are male) as a bitch or a pussy.