Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sci Fi Abortion, Mixed-Orientation Marriage, Corsets and More: In the Blogosphere

First up, if you haven't already checked out emBody, I highly recommend you do. We recently had a guest post from one of their contributors, but for those who haven't checked it out, here's what it's about: emBody is a blog devoted to understanding and discussing the way that our bodies impact our experience of the world. Awhile ago they had a series of posts from "Skinny Bitches," sharing their personal stories. Recently they've been sharing eating disorder stories. Monday's post, by Jesse P. shares a tragic story of what set off her eating disorder and how it destroyed her emotional and physical health, even while from the outside she seemed to fit into the thin blonde ideal. Part of what draws me to her post is that she's honest in sharing some of the dark details of having an eating disorder - like the fact that she lost two teeth.

Next, Megan at Bitch Flicks has a really interesting article about Prometheus as a metaphor for abortion. So, if you enjoyed Rachel's discussion of Prometheus you may want to look here for more. Megan's analysis takes the time to analyze all the intricacies of this issue, including the fact that many would see any non-human life form as a parasite rather than a fetus. As a friend of mine pointed out when she read Rachel's review of Prometheus, the abortion issue in the film hold's parallels to Octavia Butler's "Blood Child" - a story about a boy who has to decide whether to allow an older female alien to lay her eggs in him.

Racialicious has an article about an intriguing movie-in-the-works, Dear White People, a very tongue-in-cheek film whose story revolves around a student at a fictional university, who starts a campus radio show called "Dear White People." The article is asking for donations to help get it off the ground, but whether you're the online-pledge-to-movie-causes type or no, it's worth checking out the article in order to also check out the trailer. Funny and enlightening stuff.

And of course, if anyone out there has not yet read "Club Unicorn: In Which I Come Out of the Closet on Our Ten Year Anniversary," you really should. The post is by a humor blogger, Josh Weed, but it's not a humorous piece - it's the story of how he and his wife (a childhood friend) decided to marry each other even though he is gay, and how their marriage is working quite well for them, including a strong sex life. No matter what, it's a thought-provoking post, but the strength of the post is that he's not trying to persuade anyone that his way is the only way - just that it's the right thing for him. 

And this last link is not strictly in the blogosphere, but apparently corset sales are on the rise. This BBC article discusses some of the implications this trend might carry for feminism.

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