Friday, July 2, 2010

Mel The Scumbag Gibson? (from Emily)

I was skeptical when Gibson tried to explain away his drunken anti-semitic remarks by saying they'd lurked darkly in his subconscious for years, planted there by his father and unseen by Mel himself. But if is to be believed, Gibson has proven himself even more racist and a misogynist to boot. In the transcript on Radar Online, he called his ex girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, any number of sexist names, from a c**t to a "pig in heat," and told her that if she was "raped by a pack of n***ers" it would be her fault. Then, he even threatened to rape her and burn down her house.

As far as I know, neither Mel nor Oksana have verified or dismissed the tapes. But I'm inclined to believe that he would immediately deny the veracity of the tapes if he could. Either way, I'm pretty disturbed by the comments on a youtube video where Joy Behar discusses the alleged transcripts. I know the anonymity of the internet insulates plenty of 12 year old trouble makers as they write things they don't really believe, just to get a reaction. But there are a lot of racist and sexist comments on there that have some semblance of logic (albeit poor logic). If someone took the time to think out what they were writing, I'm worried that they actually believe what they're saying and that the anonymity of the internet is allowing their true bigotry to shine.

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  1. Mel Gibson would NOT want to meet me in a dark alley. Especially not a crazy Puerto Rican who has cousins.

    But, I think I'll try my best to be like Gandhi for now. That doesn't mean the threat is revoked.

    Because people who call future mothers c***s are just as horrid as those who call actual mothers c***s. And I've had run ins with those people before. Let's just say we didn't get along so well.