Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why Mel's Abusive Behavior is Particularly Chilling (from Emily)

Womanist Musings has joined the discussion about Mel with a post that is as perceptive as it is chilling. Despite the many individuals who currently intend to boycott all future Mel Gibson movies, history suggests it won't be long before Mel is once again forgiven. I'll let you read the Womanist Musings post for the full details, but let's just say there are a whole lot of openly misogynistic and racist stars out there, Sean Connery among them.

In fact, reading over this post left me feeling overwhelmed. Because while I want to boycott any star who abuses his partners, it would take a lot of work to keep track of them all. Maybe I should start carrying a list that details all the people whose movies I don't intend to see. Whenever a friend suggests turning on a movie, I'll pull out my list.

"Is Mel Gibson in it?" I'll ask.
"Sean Connery?"
"Charlie Sheen?"
"'Baby Wipes' Terrance Howard?"
"How should I know?"

And so it will go, on and on.

After all, someone needs to hold these scumbags responsible for their behavior.

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