Friday, May 4, 2012


It has been a very busy few weeks around my house, most notably because I've started a new job and my partner's schedule has changed. We're both adjusting well, but it also means that many of the links I'm sharing today have been scavenged from Facebook and not news sites. With that said...

First up is an article summarizing a meta-analysis of studies on the relationship between (assigned) sex equality and economic and social well-being. Anyone who read "Three Cups of Tea" probably won't be surprised, in spite of recent controversy, because it makes common sense. If approximately 50% of a culture's population is consistently held back, it will hold the culture back. If the culture has sex-based roles and one sex is assigned the task of childrearing, it will hold the culture back if that sex doesn't have access to information. Just saying!

Next is an astoundingly embarrassing piece that somehow made it through HuffPo's editing process and wound up on its UK Politics page. It's a classic example of how oblivion, imperialism, and "one priority at a time" mentalities can lead to incredibly discriminatory material being published. There are so many critiques to be brought in here that my head is on the verge of exploding! Why, oh why, couldn't the article have been a nuanced and respectful bit of dialogue?

Thankfully, Jezebel has come to the rescue with a publication on "hipster" racism, aka racism. In case you had any doubt about what made the last article truly offensive, read this and tell me if it makes more sense.

Check out, too, this wonderful article from the Atlantic Wire that slams the journalism industry for creating the women's niche market. I don't mean that in the sense of alternative menstrual products or other possible meaningful topics- I mean the "How to Ensure You Look Good AND Professional At the Same Time!" crap that gets sold to us as being important. Confused? Read the article.

In a piece of actual news, that idiotic "Don't Say Gay" bill from Tennessee has finally been defeated. One word: HUZZAH!

And finally, because I think sites like this need more love: the Transgender Couchsurfer, which is like the original couchsurfer but very specifically trans-friendly. I highly recommend putting yourself on there if you're trans- or queer-friendly, but I'd also recommend passing it along to friends and family who could also help make the low-budget travel options safe for everyone.

That's all, folks! Catch you next time.

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