Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Links

Some of these links will be a bit outdated, because I've been collecting them for a couple weeks. Like Erica, I've been dealing with some health problems lately. Amazing how much we under estimate simple things like breathing, until our bodies decide that allergies are a good enough reason to try and stop doing it. I can't for the life of me figure out why my nose thinks it's helping me. But then again, not getting enough oxygen makes me too light-headed to think clearly.

So, moving on to the worthwhile news, or at least interesting links. First up, here's a link to an article from Clutch Magazine, which discusses a documentary about pedophelia. The idea behind the documentary is that a lot of men experience sexual attraction to underage girls, as a result of the way childhood and sexuality are blurred. In the article you can find a link to a preview of the documentary.

From the same magazine, here's another article about the disconnect between what we say about things like childcare and housekeeping, and how our actions reflect our values. As the title states, "If Childcare and Housekeeping Were Important, Men Would Do Them."

On a lighter note, Racialicious has an article about Harry Belafonte, who it turns out has been involved in some pretty cool stuff, including a really cool number with muppets who were designed based on African masks he brought back to the US.

The NY Times has put out an article about black Mormons. The discussion focuses on Romney vs. Obama as a question of which candidate seems to better represent black Mormons. Now, there are obviously some inherent problems in the assumption that everyone is going to vote for a candidate simply because that candidate shares part of their identity. But it's still an interesting and surprisingly optimistic article. Most of the black Mormons they interviewed expressed pride in seeing presidential candidates who both represented an integral part of themselves, especially given the historical strangeness of being guaranteed a president who is not a white member of a "traditional Christian" church.

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